Some client references

Having attended a number of conferences and workshops, I particularly valued the fact that Philippe is actually very passionate about the topic of corporate blogging. So rather than presenting a checklist of pros and cons, Philippe showed what great opportunities exist, and how to circumnavigate potential challenges in implementing them. In short - Philippe's workshop was ideal for those who actually want to leverage the new communications channels for the benefit of their organizations. A. Hoppe, Central Web Team, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva.
“It's not easy to be a guide in the world of blogging, virtual worlds and gaming: it's a culture that thrives on chaos, and it's certainly not easy for companies to break into it. But Philippe has a keen insight and a deep knowledge of this world, and certainly qualifies to show the way.” Ronald Meeus, Journalist, De Morgen
“Within a fast changing media landscape and ever-increasing converging technologies one needs to touch base with “the expert” now and then. With Philippe, you choose for the fast-track approach with a focus on the core issues at stake. With his experience and great knowledge on web 2.0, he demystifies the world of Social Media.” Dirk De Muynck, Director Global Reputation Management at Volvo Group
“Philippe's presentation was very professional, well oriented to the audience (Business Managers), given the added value of using social media. Philippe covered the possible results that it could bring in terms of impacting the image and increasing the awareness of our business/activities in Industry, Healthcare and Energy sectors.” Beatrice Delfin-Diaz, Communications Manager at Siemens.
“I followed a workshop on social media given by Philippe. It was an eye-opening experience, not only because of the inspiring content, but especially because of the passion in his look: he not just teaches social media, he IS social media.” Hans van de Water - Communication Officer at VLIR-UOS
“Philippe is an expert in social media who has the ability to share his understanding with even a novice. His courses are dynamic and spot on in terms of subject matter. Who would not want to put a social media campaign in place having listened to his advice? Through his "Conversationblog", Philippe lets everyone improve their knowledge on the subject by regularly receiving news on a sector in constant evolution. Well worth a look!” - Director of PR and Communications at OnAir