Who said blogging is dead ? Enter LinkedIn, Paper and others.

I always cringe when someone tells me this or that "is dead"...

Numerous articles have been published saying that blogging is dead and that short Twitter like updates rule online conversations. 

But I tend to disagree...

Today there seems to be even more interest in long form updates than there used to be... and of course the content marketing hype will only add to this.

Look at recent developments...

The new Paper application from Facebook is completely oriented to long form copy or stories as they call it on their website. 

The new paper application from Facebook

The new paper application from Facebook

And although not really based on research, I tend to read and discover more and more long form on Facebook than I used to. 

Here's another recent example.

You know LinkedIn as a networking tool of course but did you know that the platform has allowed several high profile entrepreneurs and politicians to pen down their thoughts as long-form blog posts ?

But just yesterday the company announced it would roll out this feature to all of its members worldwide. 

This means that you really could start a corporate blogging initiative on a social network which is already geared towards business networking. Furthermore, your LinkedIn network should already be populated with people you want to reach.

So how will this shift influence your online "long form" strategy ? Will you take these changes into account and re-think "corporate blogging" ?

Let me know.