About mobile newsrooms and online only news sites

Join me for a great event on April 24 - New Journalism / New Media and the impact on PR

As member of the board at 3C - the Corporate Communications Community - I have the opportunity to suggest and organise topical events and this is one I really am looking forward to...

  • A mobile newsroom carrying reporters at high speed on the road and on the web…
  • An online only news-site, launched in just a couple of months and catering to the “Change Generation”…

The job of a reporter has changed dramatically since the arrival of the social web and – by definition – has also an impact on our media relations practice.

Discover these latest developments via two Belgian media projects:

The Mobile Newsroom – A project by Damien Van Achter, TEDx Speaker, ex-Social Media Manager at the RTBF and currently professor of online journalism at IHECS. Damien will give us the latest trends in online newsgathering and explain the concept behind his mobile newsroom project.

Newsmonkey.be : The latest news site in Belgium, focusing 200% on the online community will be discussed by Wouter Verschelden, ex- editor in Chief of De Morgen – and now Publisher at Newsmonkey. He will explain why there is an opportunity in the online media landscape and why they are targeting the “change generation” specifically.

Both speaker and the moderator will then take questions and discuss the impact of these developments on the role of media relations and external communication from a corporate point of view.

Join us on April 24 in Zaventem and register on the website of 3C !

Conversationblog voted "Best European PR Blog"

To my complete surprise I learned yesterday evening (via Twitter - of course) that my blog had been chosen as Best European PR Blog by the readers of Communication Director Magazine.

I couldn't believe it at first and had to check the tweet by Kristien Vermoesen from Finn PR several times. Kristien and her fab team came in second so that makes two "Belgians" in the list !

The European Listing of Best PR Blogs 

The European Listing of Best PR Blogs 

This news took me back - on a rather nostalgic road - to a time when blogging was considered "dangerous" and PR professionals were not supposed to have a personal "voice" on the web. 

Web logs are the prized platform of an online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective. Their potent allies in this pursuit include Google and Yahoo. (from Attack of the blogs - Forbes Magazine in 2005

I remember we used to have rather lengthy discussions via comment sections about our profession, the impact of what was then called "new media" etc...

Above all we all understood the tremendous impact blogging - and thus online publishing - would have on corporate communications.

Have a look at the PR Blogging Timeline and discover the early trailblazers who influenced, coached and inspired me to start my own blog and document my projects and ideas about PR. 

For me it all started with a book (yep, a paper one)...

When Shel Holtz wrote Public Relations on the Net in 2002 it confirmed a feeling I had about the impact of the internet on business communications. Later I started my own blog (on Typepad if I remember well) somewhere in 2003 and just kept blogging... 

I don't want to sound too "Oscar winner" here but I do need to thank other PR bloggers like Constantin Basturea, Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and Stuart Bruce (among many others) for leading the way and being an inspiration.

And of course a big thank you to you, my readers new and old !

In fact, yesterday evening was one of those perfect days:

I managed to convince a Belgian CEO to open up the social web access for his employees and embed online communications where it makes sense and I received this great news about my blog via Twitter... 

Couldn't get better. Keep on Blogging !

Who said blogging is dead ? Enter LinkedIn, Paper and others.

I always cringe when someone tells me this or that "is dead"...

Numerous articles have been published saying that blogging is dead and that short Twitter like updates rule online conversations. 

But I tend to disagree...

Today there seems to be even more interest in long form updates than there used to be... and of course the content marketing hype will only add to this.

Look at recent developments...

The new Paper application from Facebook is completely oriented to long form copy or stories as they call it on their website. 

The new paper application from Facebook

The new paper application from Facebook

And although not really based on research, I tend to read and discover more and more long form on Facebook than I used to. 

Here's another recent example.

You know LinkedIn as a networking tool of course but did you know that the platform has allowed several high profile entrepreneurs and politicians to pen down their thoughts as long-form blog posts ?

But just yesterday the company announced it would roll out this feature to all of its members worldwide. 

This means that you really could start a corporate blogging initiative on a social network which is already geared towards business networking. Furthermore, your LinkedIn network should already be populated with people you want to reach.

So how will this shift influence your online "long form" strategy ? Will you take these changes into account and re-think "corporate blogging" ?

Let me know.