New guidelines for emergency management and social media published

A guideline document on how to integrate social media in emergency preparedness planning has just been published after weeks of hard work.

Kortom, a non profit organisation bringing together more than 700 government communicators invited me to collaborate on this new guidelines some months ago. Together with other very motivated volunteers we split up in working groups around the topic os social media and emergency management.

The trigger for this was the dramatic event at Pukkelpop where several concert visitors died. Although the work groups didn't specifically focus on using social media at concerts or large scale events, the recommendations can definitely apply there as well.

The recommendation guidelines have just now been translated in English an I can share them here as well as on the Emergency Wiki where I also contribute on this topic.

Several focus areas are being discussed in this guidelines; from preparedness to organisational aspects over how to effectively integrate social media channels for crisis communications.

The document should make its way to several government levels like cities and provinces and hopefully will be read and implemented by most.

Feedback is still welcome; either by emailing or sending a tweet with the hash tag #smic

It was really a pleasure for me to work with the team in my group and I do hope these kind of initiatives will continue to grow and receive the attention they deserve. At the end of the day, if well implemented and managed, they save lives.