Platform Independant Publishing or getting your news out there...

Recently I have been talking about the concept of "platform independent publishing" to clients, explaining them that the content they create should be able to "travel" as much as possible across the web, independently of format and platform.

In short this means that when I publish this blogpost (or press release, or by-lined article or....) the content should be able to be consumed not just in text format and not only by visiting this blog.

Really Simple Syndication, or in short RSS, makes this possible.

For example: this blogpost is published here on this blog but at the same time it is also;

The best thing of all is that this happens all at once and automatically. I just push the "publish button" here on my blogging platform.

This is an important concept for us PR professionals as more and more readers are consuming news and information independently of the platform where it is published on.

Mobile phones and other devices are becoming slowly but securely the portable information devices they have been heralded to be. Soon we'll consume web based content on our TVs just as we already take our radio programs with us on our MP3 player.

Is your press site, corporate website, intranet... ready to apply the concept of platform independent publishing ?

More importantly, are you ready to think and work in these "new" environments ?

Let me know !