Euroblog 2007: new whitepaper by Lewis PR - some thoughts.

euroblog2007_tn.jpgIn this afternoon session at the Euroblog 2007 conference in Gent, Lewis PR showed us the findings of their latest corporate blogging research and discussed their ideas on why companies should or shouldn't blog.

Marieke van Zuien and Mark van der Wolf from the agency spoke about how companies in different geographies are using or not using corporate blogs and then went into some advise. That's where it got very interesting in the way that some of their statements made several people in the room want to shout out.

Here are two of the points they made and what I think about it:

  • Corporate blogging requires a significant investment of time, skill and knowledge. Time and skill can be sourced externally, knowledge cannot.
  • Ergo, involvement from key company personnel is always needed - for at least 5 hours per week;

"Time and skill" - the person who writes the blog - can not be outsourced. This is totally in contradiction with the rule of transparency which is ruling the blogosphere. I asked the question here at the conference and was not convinced by the answer. You can not have an authentic blog if you outsource it to a copywriter.

5 hours per week as a minimum...? There has been a lot of talk about how many times bloggers should post, but stating that five hours per week is a minimum to start corporate blogging is simply unrealistic. The time you dedicate to a blog depends completely on how many people blog on it, how much added value the blogger(s) can come up with and how important this blog is viewed.

I'll have to go through the full white-paper before writing more about this but you can already download and print it here.

What do you think ?

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