IBM holds Alumni meeting on SecondLife

I usually do not talk/write a lot about my full time job at IBM here on this blog but this story is worth it.

seondlife.jpgI just received an invitation to attend IBM's first SecondLife meeting on "Almaden Island" this evening. Yes, your heard correctly, IBM has an island on SecondLife - the 3D online virtual world - and will use it to foster collaboration between employees, ex-employees and industry colleagues.

This is part of a bigger alumni network of IBM which today is mostly active on OpenBC with a network group called "The Greater IBM'".

The agenda of the day is simple: meet up at 20H00 Brussels time, fly over to Almaden Island and then we'll hear from Dr. Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the New Media Consortium (NMC), as well as an address from IBM executive Jeanette Horan.

After that - as my colleague who's organizing this in the US wrote - "we'll see what happens"...

Good attitude when it comes down to testing new ways to collaborate and communicate.

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