A comparison of enterprise blogging platforms

iupload.gifCharlene Li over at Forrester has published the results of her enterprise level blogging platforms comparison. I received my detailed copy yesterday (I participated to the input).

The general take of the report is that blogging is quickly moving beyond simply managing posts into a lightweight content management systems. Companies are also increasingly looking to blogs to provide the foundation for a community strategy, both for internal collaboration and external marketing purposes.

Here's an overview of the report;

  1. iUpload leads with the most complete enterprise level blogging platform.
  2. WordPress & Movable Type.
  3. Telligent Systems, Traction Software, TypePad and Drupal.
  4. UserLand software and Roller.

Charlene evaluated blogging platforms against no less than 54 criteria which can be found under 3 bigger denominators; the current offering of the company, the product strategy and their market presence. You can get a full copy of the report here (1995$ / 15 pages)

To my last Blog & RSS workshop students; now you know why you made your first blog with iUpload Personal Publisher ;-)

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