European youth distrust political organisations

european_flag_lead.jpgA recent survey by the EU shows that young Europeans (aged between 15 and 25) trust NGOs more than political institutions. The report is based on collected data from more than 8,000 young Europeans from eight countries.

However, "despite the fact that young people trust civil society organisations more than they trust political parties, a majority of those interviewed responded that they feel close to a political party."

Via EUobserver.

The word "trust" is central again here in this study. I recently downloaded the Edelman Trust Barometer Report, a very interesting read which shows that not only political institutions lose trust but also the media.

This is also one of the topics I discussed with Prof. Anne Gregory from Leeds Metropolitan University yesterday during her visit in Antwerp. You will be able to listen to the full interview this evening when I post my very first Podcast !